Testimonial – Tabi and Ginger

“Cindy has been seeing my two cats for almost a year and I and the cats couldn’t be happier.

Her mobile service means the cats can be assessed in the comfort of their own home. This also avoids the stress caused to them when we used to put them in the car and drive them to a Vet. Her consultation is also another highlight: Cindy is very gentle and spends extensive time with the cats. Her consultations are never rushed. She always respects the cats’ needs and shows understanding for any distress inevitably caused by the appearance of a Vet and her interventions are always conducted so as to minimise any additional distress. She also listen to my concerns and the organic, chemical-free healthy lifestyle I wish for the cats, adapting their diets and using an holistic approach to health (e.g. Chinese herbs, natural tips to avoid flea infestation and food recipes). Her clinical knowledge, open attitude  and care, as well as her dedication and availability to exchange some quick emails when I need an advice, makes me very confident that I have a professional that really cares for the animals she is treating. I’d highly recommend her to anyone who wants a high quality, caring, stress-free consultation for their pets.”

Gabriela Gill October 2016