Visit the vet, from the comfort of your home

Your local house call vet. We are a mobile vet clinic who comes straight to you, fully equiped. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the same veterinary clinical level of care as a bricks and mortars vet, but in a familiar environment that your pet will feel most comfortable and safe.

Our goal for becoming a mobile vet clinic was to address many of the limitations from a standard vet practice. That is, to be able to treat your pet in an environment that feels safe, secure and familiar. Doing so enables us to provide the best level of assessment and treatment, tailored to your pet’s needs.

Our mobile vet clinic provides us with access to all the same equipment as your typical vet clinic, but right at the front of your house. An example of some of the equipment that we bring along with us include:

  • Precision weighing scales, for both large and small pets. This ensures we can provide you we correct medicine dosages.
  • Microscopic examination for on site tests
  • Professional grade opthalmascope for your pets eyes
  • Electroacupuncture equipment
  • Urinalysis equipment
  • Vaccine fridge
  • Professional grade centrifuge for lab testing
  • And much more!

Feel free to ask us for a full tour next time we come for a visit!