Chronic Illness Management

Some illnesses cannot be cured overnight and have to be managed long term. Some long term illnesses include diabetes mellitus, chronic renal failure, metastasis disease, seizures, chronic heart failure, chronic skin problem, arthritis etc. It can be very daunting and stressful for pet owners when any of the above happens to their beloved pets. Dr. Cindy Tan has a great passion to help the owner and their pet during this challenging time. She believes that a personalized service and  building a strong practitioner-client-patient relationship can help tremendously in healing process. At Vetpoint we want you to feel supported and we are committed to minimise the stress level for you and your pet.

Regular monitoring is paramount to ensure the well being and comfort level of your pet are not compromised. We firmly believe that effective monitoring steps should be done in the home environment to minimise stress-induced false results such as blood pressure and blood glucose. Thus, we ensure all equipment provide the most accurate results to be used for your pets.

Vetpoint uses the latest equipment specially designed exclusively for veterinary use. This is crucial particularly for diabetes and chronic kidney disease management.  We provide:

1. Blood pressure measurement with veterinary tool called PetMap. Blood pressure is especially important in management of chronic renal failure and geriatric feline patients.

2. Blood glucose measurement with AlphaTrak System that is calibrated especially for dog and cat use. It is crucial to include blood glucose monitoring at home in combination with clinical signs and urine glucose/ketone results in diabetes management.


Chronic arthritis:

Chronic arthritis is one of the most common condition that was seen in veterinary practice everyday. We implement integrative approach and apply multimodal management strategies in chronic arthritis management including nutriceutical supplements, food therapy, pentosan sulphate injection, acupuncture and Chinese herbs therapy. If you would like to find out more about these options for your pet, please make an appointment with Dr. Cindy Tan. Ph 3102 2538.