We practice an Integrative Medicine, which combines conventional diagnostics and therapeutics with alternative diagnostic and therapeutic to form a whole (holistic) approach. At its core, our practice rethinks the concepts of health and disease, and uses an “integrated” approach that takes into account the many factors that come into play in causing and perpetuating diseases. Some factors include: emotional, dietary, genetic, environmental, lifestyle, and acquired factors through trauma, toxins, pathogens and diseases.

We believe that this approach can provide the maximum benefit to your pet’s wellness and optimal health.

Unlike us, animals cannot tell us verbally what is wrong with them or where they feel uncomfortable. That’s why Dr. Cindy Tan emphasizes on a thorough physical examination of your pet in the comfort of its home environment, without the added stress or distraction of visiting a clinic. Our purpose build Veterinary Setting Van is equipped with many diagnostics equipment to aid in the examinations. With a vet who is equipped with positive attitude and a well of knowledge, in addition to the tools that are specifically designed for veterinary use, we are confident to provide the best veterinary care to your pet.