The following are some frequently asked questions, please contact us if you have any questions that are not answered here!

Q: Why choose Vepoint Mobile Vet Services?

A: With Dr. Cindy Tan as your pet primary veterinarian, we can develop a strong understanding and bond with each patient and thus build a personal vet-pet relationship to ensure your pet gets the best care possible. In addition, with our purpose build Veterinary Setting Van – you will be amazed to see a literal mobile consultation room parked right in front of your house! We pride in our van being equipped with a large range of modern veterinary diagnostic equipment.

Q: How does a typical vet check up happen?

A: We will have an initial talk over the phone to discuss the overall health of your pet and arrange a time that best suits you to visit. On the day and arranged time, I will arrive at your property with my consultation room (van). Depending on the overall health and mood of your pet, we can conduct the initial consultation assessment in the comfort of your house or if your pet wants to explore, outside at the van – you and your family are welcomed to watch! If further equipment is required, we will need to move outside to the van.

Q: Why book a housecall instead of visiting the vet?

A: Booking a housecall has the following advantages; it reduce stress for your pet, avoids the hassle of travelling (especially if your furry friend gets car sickness), enables your pet to enjoy the extensive and exclusive attention from your vet, enables us to obtain more accurate reading from tests e.g. blood glucose test and blood pressure measurement.  

Q: How does the pricing structure work?

A: The pricing structure has three components; this includes: ‘the initial call out fee’ PLUS ‘the type of consultation’ PLUS ‘any additional treatments’ (please refer to our pricing table for more details)

Q: Does Vetpoint respond to emergencies?

A: We are not able to treat any Emergency cases (inclusive but not limited to tick paralysis, acute bleeding, severe dog fight, heat stroke, snake bite, heart attack, active seizures). Please contact your local emergency centre if you believe any of the above has occurred.