Why housecall?

Booking a housecall has the following advantages:

  • Reduce stress for animals.
  • Avoid hassle of travelling.
  • Able to enjoy the extensive and exclusive attention from your vet.
  • Able to obtain more accurate reading from tests e.g. blood glucose test and blood pressure measurement.


Cats are especially stressful when exposed to unfamiliar environment. Thus, Vetpoint Mobile Vet Services provides professional veterinary house call visit for your pets.
Why choose Vetpoint Mobile Vet Services?
  • With Dr. Cindy Tan as your pet primary veterinarian, we can develop a consistent understanding with each patient and thus to form a personal vet-pet relationship
  • Purpose build Veterinary Setting Van – you will be amazed to see a literal mobile consult room parked in front of your house!
  • Well-equipped with veterinary diagnostic settings such as: PetMap blood pressure measuring machine, microscope, opthalmoscope, otoscope, bench centrifuge, glucometer to ensure no compromise on the diagnosis process
  • Acupuncture – electroacupuncture, aqua-acupuncture, moxibustion and dry needles techniques
  • Able to treat trigger point (musculoskeletal soreness from muscle tightness) with the Pointer Excel II pressure point locator
  • Access to an external laboratory (IDEXX) for advanced and complete testing on blood, urine, secretion swabs etc
What about emergency?

We are not able to treat any Emergency cases (inclusive but not limited to tick paralysis, acute bleeding, severe dog fight, heat stroke, snake bite, heart attack, active seizures). Please contact your local vet or emergency centre if you believe any of the above has occured.


What about surgery?

Our mobile vet services is capable of accomplishing most diagnostic testings and treatments. However, in a van setting, we cannot carry out any procedures under general anaesthesia and diagnostic imaging (radiograph/ultrasound) due to safety and regulations. These cases have to be referred to our affiliated veterinary surgery clinics.

The common surgical procedures include

1) routine desexing procedures – spay or castration

2) dental procedures  (after consultation)

3) Lumps removal  (after consultation)

As for cases where Dr. Cindy Tan has thoroughly checked and determined that your pet needs a more intense medical or surgical attention, a referral will be made to a specialist.

Transport can be arranged with minimum charge between your home and our affiliated surgery clinics for these purposes.